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Therapy Services

The professional team at Tranquil House comprises:

Over 30 registered practitioner psychologists including: clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, forensic psychologists, counselling psychologists and neuro-psychologists.

Over 30 psychological therapists including: accredited CBT/EMDR therapists, REBT, DBT, psychotherapists, play therapists, and counsellors.

We also have access to psychiatrists where such a service is required

Tranquil House has a number of consultants experienced in Medico-Legal assessments and providing ‘expert witness’ testaments.

Services Provided

Our team provides a comprehensive range of assessment and therapy services to children, adults and older adults. These include the assessment and treatment of: anxiety, stress, depression, phobias, obsessions/compulsions, trauma/PTSD, anger, childhood abuse, substance misuse, psychosexual and relationship difficulties.

In addition to the issues mentioned above, we also provide assessment and therapy for personality disorders, enduring mental health conditions for example: bi-polar and psychosis ; developmental disorders such as Autistic Spectrum, Asperger Syndrome and Attention Deficit ; psychosomatic disorders: irritable bowel and tension headaches ; physical health and rehabilitation including: pain management, chronic fatigue and stroke ; as well as adjustment disorders: retirement and bereavement .

What to Expect

Appointment sessions for therapy usually last 50-60 minutes, although the initial assessment session may be longer.

The initial session is usually focused on discussing the referral and nature of the problem(s), with some initial treatment planning. The number of probable sessions necessary to implement an effective treatment plan will be discussed with you and/or significant other(s) if you so wish. The initial assessment session is a good opportunity for you to ask any questions about the treatment approach recommended and to make a decision as to whether you want to continue with the psychologist/therapist allocated to you.

The psychologist/therapist assigned to you will be trained exclusively in one or a range of therapeutic approaches, some more skills based than others. Some therapies such as CBT require you to practice strategies/techniques and to undergo assignments before your next therapy session.

Sessions with your psychologist/therapist are essentially ‘confidential’. Your information will not as a matter of course be shared with third parties; however, in exceptional circumstances information may be shared with members of the Management Team and/or your responsible medical clinician, if you are deemed to be at risk to yourself or others. Also, the Tranquil House Management Team carry out occasional audits of clinical notes kept by your psychologist/therapist, although all identifying details are omitted in the audit, with the notes remaining with practitioner at all times.

The various psychology models used at Tranquil House include:

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CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) - EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) - REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) - CAT (Cognitive-Analytical Therapy) - DBT (Dialectic Behaviour Therapy) - Mindfulness - TA (Transactional Analysis) - Systemic & Family Therapy - Existential - Humanist - Integrative Counselling - Counselling - Play Therapy

Therapy Services
For assessment and treatment of simple and complex psychological problems of children, adults & older adults
Medico Legal Services
For expert psychological assessment of children and adults for Family, Criminal, Personal Injury & Negligence matters
Educational/Child and Family
To improve outcomes for children and young people in the achievement of personal, social and educational development
Training / Supervision
For bespoke in-house training, lecturing, conferencing, case supervision and for one-off specialist consultations

Examples of problems assessed and treated:
Chronic Fatigue
Substance Misuse
Pain Management
Examples of psychology models used:

Transactional Analysis
Systemic & Family Therapy
Play Therapy
Neuro Psychology

Tranquil House Psychology Services Ltd
258 Old Birmingham Road
B60 1NU
Tel: 0121 445 4064
Fax: 0121 445 4384
Email: [email protected]

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